DENIS MILHOMME

                    45254 HAMMOND DR.

                    THREE RIVERS, CA. 93271

                    559 561-3244




Early childhood was spent in Massachusetts where he began his courtship with nature, enjoying the wooded landscape and nearby lake, it was natural to fall prey to the charm of the wilds.

After moving to California the call of nature intrigued his imagination to see if he could portray the beauty that he saw in the mountains and desert to others.  Denis employs his paint brush to bring to the viewer of his work that look of reality and  that he so enjoys in his visits to the mountains and deserts of the west.

He has been fortunate to achieve recognition for his efforts from different organizations such as ARTS FOR THE PARK; Regional Winner, Franklin Mint Award, best in Landscapes award. He has also received numerous award for other fine art exhibitions.

He is a participant in the EITELJORG MUSEUM ART SHOW.  and the SETTLERS WEST; Summer Show, American Miniature Show and Great American West Show.  In the  Autry Masters of the American West Fine Art Exhibition, as  well as the Small Works Great Wonders show in the National Cowboy Museum.

He is always learning, by plein air painting, reading and constantly looking at the sights around him.  He resides again in a wooded terrain, surrounded by the abundance of nature's beauty taking refuge in the sanctuary of a serene setting.

 Denis enjoys painting, and after a day of some other activity he is anxious to return to his easel.  He is honored when his paintings are so well like that some one wants to place one in their residence, to allow one of his creations to become a focal point in their life.

 Denis's paintings may be viewed at his upcoming shows and at Settlers West Gallery, 6420 North Campbell Ave. Tucson, AZ. 85718 520-299-2607,,